Exclusive car company John v/d Rijt

John v/d Rijt trusts in SP Tools USA Series tool trolleys & USA Workshop systems for their exclusive repairs
Exclusive car company John v/d Rijt

At Rijt auto's, you will find young pre-owned cars, especially from German brands such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Mini, and Porsche. But you can also find exclusive Italian brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini in our showroom. For all your maintenance needs, with honest advice and friendly prices, you can turn to us. Our technical specialists in the workshop are ready to assist you with expertise. With the best tools from SP Tools, no task is too difficult or too big for us.

Why SP Tools?

"We have had many discussions. Sometimes I saw things differently than the team. I thought the old tool trolleys were fine, but the team didn't. They wanted larger tool trolleys so they wouldn't have to walk back and forth as often. I found that to be a good argument, so we decided to get new XL tool trolleys from SP Tools. The team also chose the layout of the workbenches and cabinets themselves. SP Tools provides tools, cabinets, and trolleys that perfectly match our 'operating room' aesthetic. The layout of the tool trolleys is also neat and organized, which not only looks better but also speeds up work. In terms of quality, the tools prove themselves time and time again, and protected by the lifetime warranty, we can work with confidence."

"The Extra large USA Series Toolkits are truly recommended for everyone! At first, I thought: is that really necessary, but the team is happy with it. They always have everything at hand, and in the new workshop, we have the space for it. Additionally, the quality of SP Tools doesn't disappoint us, these high-end tools perform day after day, and even with supercars, bolts can sometimes be very tight."

  • John van der Rijt - Rijt Auto's / KODW - CEO