Tractor pulling team The Judge

Tractor pulling team The Judge

Meet The Judge, the ultimate powerhouse in the world of modified tractor pulling! Sporting not one, but two V12 Rolls Royce Griffon airplane engines, each boasting over 36 liters of displacement, The Judge unleashes a staggering total of more than 8000 horsepower.

The Judge takes on the competition with their massive V12 engines, challenging even the most modern drag racing V8s. Despite the odds, last year saw The Judge secure an impressive third place in the championship.

This year, they're gunning for the top spot on the podium, ready to dominate the track with their unrivaled power and determination. Watch out world, because The Judge is here to rule the pulling scene!

Why SP Tools?

"It requires not only a lot of expertise, but also countless hours of mechanical dedication to maintain airplane engines with over 8000 HP on a tractor. Fortunately, with SP Tools, we have found the ideal partner for all the necessary tools to keep our tractor in top condition. Thanks to their extensive range and high-quality products, we can always rely on the right tools, without any shortage."

  • Antonie Bosman - The Judge