Making people go sideways

At Driftgames, we are not just organizers; we are architects of adrenaline. Fueled by passion and driven by innovation, we craft extreme drift weapons to conquer championships. Led by Mark Evans, our team pushes the boundaries of the sport, sculpting each machine with precision and purpose. From our workshop to the track, we live and breathe the art of drifting. With every event we host and every car we build, we invite enthusiasts to join us in the pursuit of pure, unbridled excitement. Welcome to Driftgames, where the thrill never ends.

Why SP Tools?

"On and off the track, SP Tools has kept us moving sideways in 2024. With SP Tools in hand, we're not just moving forward; we're smashing out projects, turning heads, and looking good while doing it! Whether you're building your first drift beater or ready to step on the podium of world drifting, look no further and this is why it is easy to recommend SPTools to any Motorsport professional"

SP Tools have changed the way we approach our projects, allowing
us to craft crazier drift builds, faster and better than ever before. The durability of SP Tools have become an indispensable asset in our toolkit, enabling us to tackle projects with confidence. With SP Tools, every project is a testament to efficiency, craftsmanship, and the pursuit of excellence." 

  • Dave Egan - Driftgames 

"SP Tools have revolutionized the way we work at the track. Their tool boxes have the smoothest operating drawers I've ever seen and the box is extremely mobile. These are 2 things I value when we are up against the clock to try get cars back out on track again. 

The tools themselves are on par with the quality of any brand of tool I've ever tried and the range has everything that I've needed to maintain and repair any car. Plus they look great!." 

  • Wayne Curran - Curran Motors - Driftgames Engineer